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Any more Ford Mondeos coming?

I've been a Mondeo driver forever. All good, no problems. 

Do you know if the Mondeo will stay on sale in the Irish market? Dealers are coy about disclosing the full facts. 

If I cannot have a lovely new Mondeo, what do you recommend? I like diesel and the Mondeo size suits me. Give me a few suggestions, please. My mortgage is now paid so I could go up a grade as a special treat...

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Fergal Reidy (Celbridge County Kildare) - Fri, 30 Oct 2020 01:38

Cost of a new Mazda MX-5?

What would be the total cost of a new Mazda MX-5 GT and will there be any for sale here in Ireland before the end of the year?

The Mazda dealers and Mazda Ireland are not very upfront with this information. You would think that they would be hungry for sales and especially on a model that is the flagship of the brand.

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Anthony Byrne (Cork) - Sat, 17 Oct 2020 13:42

Should I buy an Opel Corsa-e before 2021?

I was going to switch to an EV in the New Year. Should I now bring this forward? Was looking at an Opel Corsa-e. I get that the VRT will reduce from 14% to 7%, but this will be outweighed by the loss of the €5,000 VRT rebate? And what of the €5,000 SEAI grant? Will that still be in the equation in the New Year?

Many thanks for your guidance.

Paul, Galway

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Paul Greenstreet (Clifden) - Tue, 13 Oct 2020 21:40

How much to buy and tax a new Audi A6?

What will a new Audi A6 cost and how much to tax come 2021?

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Terry Fitzpatrick (Carlow) - Wed, 14 Oct 2020 00:51

Will it be cheaper to buy a VW Tiguan now?

We want to buy a new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace as our family is growing in the New Year. Would it be cheaper to get one now or will we see much difference if we order one for January 2021?

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Dorothy Humphreys (Athlone ) - Tue, 13 Oct 2020 20:27

Is the facelifted Mercedes-AMG E 53 here?

Hi there,

Is the new facelifted Mercedes-AMG E 53 going to come to Ireland? What will be the estimated cost if so?


Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Xiaoming He (Dublin) - Tue, 21 Jul 2020 14:41

Should I wait for the BMW 128ti?


I have a question regarding the new BMW 128ti. Having recently ordered a BMW M Sport 118i auto, I am now in a quandary due to the announcement of the 128ti. I have spent a long time driving many cars and ended up making my decision to purchase the BMW 118i. Preferably the car would have had a little more performance (and economy for the level of performance), I waited around a year in the hope that a petrol 120i would become available (diesels are not an option for me), but nothing has yet been announced even though they exist in other markets.

Before placing my order I tried the M135i and, other than the raw power difference I far preferred the driver engagement of the 118i M Sport. I can only put this down to the 200kg or so weight difference? I live in a rural area and most of my driving is on small twisty, hilly lanes with some nice back roads, I rarely drive on main roads or motorways. So suspension compliance and driver engagement are important to me. My BMW dealer has immediately suggested I could change my order to the 128ti once it becomes possible, but it's early days with no hard facts on cost or a test drive available - I have already sold my car so it's a push bike and motorcycle only at the moment.

I would be very appreciative if you could spare some time to consider my position and would value your thoughts on the 128ti versus my ordered car. Having read your account of your experience with the 128ti, i thought you would be the best person to help.

Very best wishes


Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Tim Williams (Dartmouth) - Mon, 05 Oct 2020 14:17

Thinking of buying a Volvo hybrid...


I'm thinking of changing my Volvo. Can I ask how the XC40 and the XC60 plug-in hybrid models are set up? Am I correct in understanding that the electric motor and the petrol engine in the PHEV XC40 both drive the front wheels whereas in the XC60 the electric motor drives the rear wheels, so that four-wheel drive would be available when the electric and petrol engines are used in combination? Also, can I ask a separate question about "self driving". In the modern Volvos, they just talk of a lane keeping aid. Does this function in the same way as what was labelled Pilot Assist in models of a couple of years ago?

Thank you


Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Philip Donegan (Ballina) - Sat, 03 Oct 2020 00:21

Can you help me select my next car?

Hi there guys.

Can you help me with selecting my next car? Currently have a 161 BMW 420d Gran Coupe with 50k km on the clock (GB import bought from a main dealer in Dublin). Do 10k km per annum. City center living, on street parking. Very happy with the car - love the drive experience but now it’s a bit small in the back for toddler passenger and all our baggage etc. Looking to change in next couple of months, with a hybrid in mind.

Disappointing range of options though for any of the estate/MPV cars I fancy, e.g. BMW Touring or Volvo XC60. Looks are important but driving experience and space are key. As is easy parking into tight spaces! Did drive a Skoda Superb wagon recently and loved all the gadgets, but felt the ride was spongey. Budget is €45k including trade in/private sale. Open to going the import route again as choice and range much better for hybrids.

Any insight would be really appreciated.


Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Daragh O’Reilly (Dublin) - Mon, 28 Sep 2020 13:13

MINI Countryman hybrid or Toyota RAV4?


I love MINIs and I wanted to trade my 2019 T-Roc 1.5 for a Countryman SE All4, the new facelifted one and the reason is I want to get better fuel economy and the joy of driving. But then my wife suggested I look at the Toyota RAV4 hybrid, which is much more practical, especially as we have an 18-month-old girl and soon another boy coming on the 20th of November. So, can you compare the RAV4 to the Countryman: which will be the best on fuel consumption? My average T-Roc consumption is 7.1 litres/100km.

Thank you so much.

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Chee Yin Ng (Dublin) - Thu, 20 Aug 2020 00:08

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