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EGR and DPF in a 2010 Skoda Superb?

Does the 2010 to 2012 Skoda Superb diesel 2.0-litre have a DPF and EGR fitted? I am considering buying a model from this year.

Joseph Murray (Drogheda)

May 2024 Filed under: diesel

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Is the Opel Astra 1.3 diesel a good engine?

I am looking to buy a 1.3 Opel Astra diesel: is that a good engine?

Ken Lee (Cork)

Aug 2020 Filed under: diesel

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How to keep my diesel in good condition?

As an over 70 and therefore required to stay indoors indefinitely, how can I maintain my diesel car in good condition when it may not be driven for a very long time?

Brendan McElroy

Apr 2020 Filed under: diesel

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What's happening with diesel running costs?


What will happen to my existing diesel car with 2017 emissions in terms of road tax, fuel costs etc?

Thanks Gerry

Gerry Phelan (Sligo)

Jan 2020 Filed under: diesel

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Timing belts or chains?!


I was a bit concerned to read in an online article that the timing chain on a three-year-old Volvo V60 (just outside warranty) broke and destroyed the engine (and until the newspaper got involved Volvo was going to make the owner pay for the new engine). The article also said that they were noticing an increase in timing chains breaking. Surely the whole point of a chain vs belt was that it would last. Better off with a belt and changing it at 150,000km. Costly, but, perhaps unthinkable, more secure??

Having been very taken with your recent review of the V60, I'm reconsidering going back to a Skoda, but unfortunately, the same article said that the Volkswagen Group were suffering particularly from broken chains. Does the Superb diesel have a chain or belt? Do all cars now have timing chains?


Philip Donegan (Ballina)

Oct 2019 Filed under: diesel

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Should I clean or replace the EGR valve?

My garage has told me that the emissions light on my dashboard is due to a fault in the EGR system. However, the car is running fine with no loss of power. The emissions light is not consistently on, only occasionally in the last week. Should I get the valve cleaned first as my garage are quoting me €500 for a new part plus labour costs?

Thank you.

Margaret Longhurst (Roscrea)

Mar 2019 Filed under: diesel

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Looking for reasonably priced diesel car...

I'm looking for a reasonably priced diesel car Focus/Mondeo size from Opel, Ford or Volkswagen, 2008 on, low mileage car. I would average 20,000km a year.

Fintan O'Malley (Bailieboro)

Jan 2013 Filed under: diesel

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Diesel still best for high mileage?

So with so many car makers planning to phase out diesel engine options in 2019, what are the real options for high mileage drivers? Will there be big impacts on residual values for diesel cars purchased later this year? I drive about 40,000km a year and need to change later this year.


Brian O Neill (Kilkenny)

Mar 2018 Filed under: diesel

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Will Toyota accept a diesel trade-in RAV4?

I usually buy a new car every three years, which means I'm due to trade in my two-year-old Toyota RAV4 diesel at the end of 2018. Will my diesel be accepted against a hybrid?

Dan Dineen (Cork)

Mar 2018 Filed under: diesel

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Tell me about the Mazda3's diesel engine?

What type of engine is in the Mazda3 1.6 diesel?

Dino Deehan (Athlone)

Apr 2013 Filed under: diesel

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