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Paris Motor Show 2018 - Editor's Picks

by Dave Humphreys on 05 Oct 2018

Complete Car Features | Paris Motor Show 2018 - Editor's Picks

Despite a noticeable shortage of brands in attendance, the 2018 Paris Motor Show still managed to turn out some interesting cars and, as Carlos Tavares, PSA Group CEO calls them, 'mobility devices.' Unsurprisingly it was the French car manufacturers that brought out some of the show's most talked about cars.

The Peugeot e-Legend concept was almost unanimously voted the star of the show from those in attendance. Its retro styling incorporated the most amazing blue velour upholstered seats inside, contrasting with a high-tech 49-inch display. I found it all-too reminiscent of Nissan's IDx…

The curious case of MINI’s politicised tail-lights

by Neil Briscoe on 04 Oct 2018

Complete Car Features | The curious case of MINI’s politicised tail-lights

The case of the MINI rear lights is an odd one; an unusual crossing of the Venn diagrams of politics, history and facelifted vehicle components.

The fact that MINI's upper management has decided that its whizzy new LED rear lights should have a British flag motif is, actually, not an especially surprising one. The flag of the United Kingdom has been used in advertising and marketing for so many brands and items down the years, and successfully too. Remember Cool Britannia? Even in Ireland we were all into that, for a while. Well, at least we were when Oasis played…

The World's Most Desirable Car Brand is...

by Matt Robinson on 03 Oct 2018

Complete Car Features | The World's Most Desirable Car Brand is...

What do you think the most desirable brand of car in the world is? Porsche? Bentley? Ferrari? McLaren? Aston Martin? Koenigsegg?

Nope, it's none of these. It is, in fact... Toyota.

According to short-term car insurance company Veygo, it's the Japanese brand which features most highly on the wishlists of the world's population.

And how has Veygo come to this conclusion? Well, it analysed Google search data globally across the last 12 months, to see which car companies' names were typed into browsers more often than any other, through the end of 2017 and during 2018 so far.

Using the…

WLTP/RDE: what does it mean to me?

by Matt Robinson on 05 Sep 2018

Complete Car Features | WLTP/RDE: what does it mean to me?

New regulations on how all new cars are tested for their economy, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and - if applicable - their usage of electrical energy have come into effect from September 1 2018. The new procedures are called WLTP/RDE - but what does that stand for, and what does it mean to you as a consumer? Here's our guide to the changes.

What does WLTP/RDE stand for?

It stands for two complementary environmental testing programmes, which are the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (lab-based), and then Real-World Driving Emissions (conducted on public roads). Intended to be a global…

Five of the best convertibles in Ireland

by on 12 Aug 2018

Complete Car Features | Five of the best convertibles in Ireland

1 - Mazda MX-5

The MX-5 is the answer to the great question of 'what is the sweetest car in the world to drive?' It comes with fabulous steering and chassis balance and enough power to have fun without running foul of the law. Near to perfect.

Read the Mazda MX-5 reviews here

2 - Ford Mustang Convertible

It's sill OK to like American things, right? The Mustang is big, bold, brash and a touch crude, but lots of good, wholesome fun. The 2.3 EcoBoost model is surprisingly practical, but the big, thirsty 5.0 V8…

Pininfarina to launch sustainable hypercar

by Dave Humphreys on 20 Jul 2018

Complete Car Features | Pininfarina to launch sustainable hypercar

Pininfarina has long had an association with designing some of the world's most desirable cars. Following its acquisition by the Mahindra Group in 2015, the company set about making plans to become a car maker in its own right. Now, Pininfarina Automobili is working on its own electric hypercar, and it has teased the first design sketches that give a sense of what to expect. To get a better insight into the PF0 (pronounced PF zero), we sat down with company CEO, Michael Perschke, and Chief Design Officer, Luca Borgogno.

The initial design sketches serve as a teaser of what…