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Business needs to get on the EV bandwagon

by Neil Briscoe on 29 Apr 2019

Complete Car Features | Business needs to get on the EV bandwagon

If you're someone who gets a car with their job and are currently looking at the list of available models on your scheme, do me a favour - take a Sharpie (other felt-tip markers are available) and draw a thick, black line through any model that's not an electric car. Well done; you've just saved yourself a packet.

Quite apart from what David Attenborough or Extinction Rebellion might tell you, the fact is that, right now is the best time yet to make sure that your next company car is electric. Indeed, given that eventually government-backed incentives for electric car…

Deep dive: a five-star Euro NCAP result

by Matt Robinson on 25 Apr 2019

Complete Car Features | Deep dive: a five-star Euro NCAP result

Big, seven-seat SUVs are becoming a hot new trend, as they provide a stylish way for mums and dads to transport around large broods of children with a modicum of style - and no small hint of safety. So while they offer much in the way of space, practicality and configurability, making them an attractive proposition in the sanctitude of a glitzy car showroom, it's the mental 'safety net' of having a vehicle that will thoroughly protect all its occupants in the event of an accident out on the public road that's a key driver in seven-seat SUV sales.


Deep Dive: Honda CR-V Hybrid system

by Neil Briscoe on 11 Apr 2019

Complete Car Features | Deep Dive: Honda CR-V Hybrid system

Hybrids have become quite the thing, haven't they? In the wake of the diesel scandal of a few years ago, and with electric cars still only now becoming attractive to some motorists, hybrids are filling the gap rather nicely. It helps that, in the past few years, the hybrid tech on offer has really matured, delivering genuinely impressive real-world performance and economy, which wasn't always the case before.

Even given that maturity, Honda has decided to do things a little differently with its new CR-V Hybrid. The Japanese giant has committed to offering electric…

Porsche's past, present and future

by Matt Robinson on 19 Mar 2019

Complete Car Features | Porsche's past, present and future

It's hard not to wander around aimlessly, agog and borderline stupefied, when you're within the hallowed sanctum of the Porsche Museum in Germany. Located in Zuffenhausen, a small satellite town to the north of Stuttgart and the place that has played home to Porsche production since the very start of this company in 1948, the museum opened ten years ago. It serves not only as a showcase for the sports car company's revered back catalogue, but also as a way of keeping the old Porsches in fine fettle; it's known informally as the 'rolling display', because - despite its 5,600…

2019 Geneva Motor Show Editor’s picks

by Dave Humphreys on 08 Mar 2019

Complete Car Features | 2019 Geneva Motor Show Editor’s picks

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show was the place to be this week if you were in search of extraordinary supercars or the latest in electric vehicle technology - or both combined into one. One such headline-grabber was the Automobili Pininfarina Battista. Packing a colossal 1,900hp electric punch, the all-wheel-drive Battista promises incredible performance for the exclusive group of buyers that can afford it.

Even rarer was Bugatti's one-off 'La Voiture Noire', a re-engineered car based on the Chiron that was commissioned for one serious collector. Looks are, of course, subjective, but…

Brexit and the Irish motorist

by Neil Briscoe on 21 Feb 2019

Complete Car Features | Brexit and the Irish motorist

While we all wait for Theresa May (or is it Noel Edmonds) to proclaim deal or no deal when it comes to Brexit, there are a few things that you'll need to know to navigate motoring in a post-Brexit world.

Obviously, when or if a deal finally passes the House of Commons, and is ratified by the EU, then much of this advice will be moot, as most issues will be, theoretically, sorted out by the deal. If the UK crashes out, as seems horribly likely...

1. You'll need an insurance 'green card'

If you're travelling between Ireland and Northern…