Tesla Model X
It won't be easy to get your hands on a right-hand-drive Model X now.
Tesla's Model X, with its wild 'Falcon' doors, can still draw a crowd at the kerbside, and rightly so. It pulls a big advantage out over similarly-priced electric SUV rivals by being available with five, six, or seven seats, and it's faster than most of them too. If only the quality was better, and the handling too and it would be nice if we could actually order one in Ireland - as with the Model S, orders are currently on the long finger, and right-hand-drive production may have already ended.
Tesla Model X Tech Specs
Model featuredTesla Model X
Official WLTP range between charges536-560km
Battery details (usable capacity)100kWh lithium-ion
Electric motor details492kW dual-motor four-wheel drive, 750kW tri-motor four-wheel drive
Fastest recharging rate250kW on DC
Energy consumption19.9-21.1kWh/100km
Maximum power output670-1,020hp
Maximum torque output
0-100km/h2.6-3.9 seconds
Towing capability
Kerb weight2,441-2,509kg

Last updated on October 11, 2023
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