Mazda MX-30
Quirky is the middle name of this electric crossover from Mazda.
The Mazda MX-30 is, in a word, quirky. It looks a bit like a crossover, and it has odd rear-hinged back doors that barely make it any easier to get into the tiny rear seats. Best to think of it as a coupe-like vehicle. It’s not cheap to buy, either, and the range between charges is unimpressive. However, the interior quality is exceptional and it’s smooth and comfortable to drive. It’ll be joined this year by a clever plug-in hybrid version using a compact rotary engine as a range-extender.
Mazda MX-30 Tech Specs
Model featuredMazda MX-30
Official WLTP range between charges200km
Battery details (usable capacity)30kWh lithium-ion
Electric motor details107kW single front-mounted
Fastest recharging rate50kW on DC
Energy consumption19kWh/100km
Maximum power output145hp
Maximum torque output271Nm
0-100km/h9.7 seconds
Towing capability
Kerb weight1,645kg

Last updated on October 12, 2023
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