MG 4
The MG 4 mixes the firm's value proposition with modern styling and great dynamics.

With the 4 EV, MG has established itself as a major player in the electric car market. It's a sharp-looking car, with a roomy interior, but which costs several thousand Euros less than the similarly-sized Volkswagen ID.3 - even with the inevitable price increases. Long-range versions offer good value too, and have a realistic range of 400km on a charge, while there's even a madcap twin-motor XPower high-performance version on the way with 435hp and a 3.8-second 0-100km/h time. The cabin is a bit cheap in places, and the touchscreen a bit awkward to use, but it's far more fun to drive than you'd expect, with a very well-sorted chassis - although be aware the aforementioned XPower doesn't really have any significant updates to handle its additional performance.
MG 4 Tech Specs
Model featuredMG 4
Official WLTP range between charges350-450km
Battery details (usable capacity)50.8-61.7kWh lithium-ion
Electric motor details125-150kW single motor rear-wheel drive, or 320kW dual-motor all-wheel drive
Fastest recharging rate135-150kW on DC
Energy consumption16.0-19.0kWh/100km
Maximum power output170-435hp
Maximum torque output250-600Nm
0-100km/h3.8-7.7 seconds
Towing capability500kg
Kerb weight1,800kg

Last updated on October 19, 2023
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