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Parking charges in Dublin set to rise

Parking charges in Dublin set to rise

On-street parking in Dublin to cost more.

The cost of parking on the streets of Dublin has increased again following new parking bye-laws from Dublin City Council that came into effect from 1st July. Both Red and Yellow parking zones will increase by €0.30 per hour to €2.70 and €3.20, respectively.

At present Dublin City Council is in the process of updating the on-street parking signs to reflect the new charges. This work is expected to be completed by 15th July, which is when the price increases will come into effect.

Parking Tag app saves money

Drivers can make a small saving of €0.10 per hour by using the Parking tag app. It can locate your car's parking position and allows you to pay for parking through the app without the need to find a meter and display a ticket on your vehicle. It is available to download from the AppStore and on Google Play.

Published on July 10, 2019
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