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Fiat Ireland provides trio of 181 deals

Published on: January 2, 2018
Fiat Ireland provides trio of 181 deals
Fiat Ireland provides trio of 181 deals

What's the news?

Fiat Ireland is offering a trio of deals on new 181-registered vehicles, which include up to €5,000 scrappage bonus, 0 per cent APR on selected models and cash savings of up to €3,000. These deals are only available until January 31st and are mutually exclusive, so you can only pick one of them to enjoy.

Starting with the scrappage bonus, if you own a Euro 1-4 emissions vehicle registered before December 31st, 2009, which has been in your name for at least 180 days, then you can bag some serious discounts off new Fiat metal - although, be warned, this is a 'proper' scrappage scheme, so the vehicle you hand in will be crushed within 60 days of you signing the paperwork for the latest Fiat.

Nevertheless, using that old car as a down payment, you could get up to €1,500 off a Fiat Punto, €2,000 off a Fiat 500, €3,000 off a Fiat 500X, €3,500 off a Fiat Tipo, €4,000 off a Fiat 500L or a whopping €5,000 off the attractive Fiat 124 Spider.

If you don't qualify for the scrappage scheme, then there are some low-rate finance offers available, with 0 per cent APR Personal Contract Plan (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP) provided for selected 500, 500X, Tipo, 500L and 124 Spider models. Alternatively, there are cash savings of up to €3,000 across the Fiat range.

Anything else?

Paul Hunt, managing director of FCA Ireland, said: "Our 181 offers have been designed to ensure we offer all customers real value for money, regardless of their preferred purchase mechanism and model choice. Our scrappage offers will help us take the worst polluting cars off the road while giving customers the benefit of driving cars with lower emissions and improved fuel economy - while the choice of low rate finance offers, from 0 per cent APR, or cash discounts will provide customers with clear and transparent savings."

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