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Kahn Speed 7 is styled like a 1930s Grand Prix car

Published on: August 28, 2015
Kahn Speed 7 is styled like a 1930s Grand Prix car

The latest project from Afzal Kahn is the Speed 7; styled like a 1930s Grand Prix car and due to start production this year. It is the third coachbuilding venture undertaken by Kahn, following the Huntsman brand of Land Rover Defender vehicles and the WB12 Vengeance coupe.

Kahn describes the Speed 7 as 'ideal for companies or individuals looking to set up their own race team, don their driving goggles, gloves and helmet and get out on the circuit to recreate the feel of 1930s racing.'


The 1938 Mercedes-Benz W154 appears to be the main source of inspiration. Unlike Grand Prix cars the Speed 7 has a wide cockpit to make space for a passenger seat.


Interior design is inspired by old racing cars and aircraft; so there should be plenty of dials and gauges to look at. Even the seats in the design sketch echo the checked upholstery found on the Mercedes.


It may look old-fashioned but the materials are modern, with construction in aluminium or carbon composite. We will have to wait and see what engine and transmission are chosen.

Anything else?

Owners will receive a book detailing each stage of the design and assembly. Each Speed 7 will carry a plaque listing the names of everyone involved in the build. Kahn will also launch a range of period-style clothing and accessories under the Speed 7 brand.

Written by: John Lambert