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Stunning new Porsche supercar

Porsche has promised us a 'spectacular' new supercar concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

A Porsche source has told the media that the company is lining up something 'spectacular' for the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The newcomer will mark Porsche's first appearance at Detroit for four years, the company having last appeared at the show in 2006.

There are no details concerning what it could be, but rumour suggests it will be based on the 918 Spyder hybrid (pictured) that debuted at March's Geneva show.

The 918 caused a stir in Geneva by way of looking absolutely awesome and backing that up with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain offering 320km/h, 0-100km/h in about three seconds, yet a claimed 94mpg (3.0 litres/100km).

Porsche is saying nothing, but sources tell us that the spectacular newcomer will be based on the 918, though with a conventional petrol engine. It could replace the Carrera GT supercar, discontinued in 2006, and become Porsche's flagship model.

Porsche's decision to return to Detroit is driven, it admits, by the need to push sales in the US. Well, it's more a desire than an actual need, as the company is currently enjoying healthy month-on-month rises. Its US year-to-date sales are up by almost a third. Ireland will have a new Porsche dealer in 2011, though we're not quite so sure the economy will be ready for a range-topping supercar...

Published on December 7, 2010
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