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AA seeks garage feedback

The AA has advised motorists to check any work done by their garage and wants to hear people’s views on the service they receive.

The AA wants feedback on how drivers rate the garages they use for servicing.

Following a mystery shopping exercise, where cars with known faults were sent to five Dublin garages, motorists are being advised to check that work is carried out correctly.  In the case of the establishments concerned not all the faults on the cars were picked up during the service, but the AA says it is happy that procedures have subsequently been improved.

Anyone who has had their car serviced recently is encouraged to email the AA with feedback - whether positive or negative.  The expectation is that most garages give good service.

The AA operates a system of Garage Appointments, listing service centres that have attained high standards in staff training, equipment and quality of workmanship.  The organisation frequently inspects garages to ensure they continue to meet the expected standards.

Drivers in the Dublin area can also use the AA's on-the-spot car servicing.  A technician in a van will carry out a full service at the motorist's home or other convenient location.

The email address for garage feedback is [email protected] while more details of the mystery shopping exercise can be read here.

Published on November 29, 2010
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