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Extreme gullwing Brabus teased

Brabus, famed for its Merc-based performance cars, has got its hands on the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG...

You're looking at the 2011 Brabus SLS AMG. There's no word on performance yet because Brabus says it's still working on tuning the engine, but it has revealed a new exhaust system, custom active suspension, some aerodynamic bits and a bespoke interior.

Amusingly, Brabus claims the new exhaust 'appeals especially to the neighbours' because it has a 'coming home' setting that's quieter than the standard SLS setup. Brabus suggests it might be useful when you're getting home late at night.

Thankfully the lightweight, titanium-tipped system also has a bypass button that opens the gateway to sonic carnage. (Maybe you don't like your neighbours. Or maybe, as you can afford a Brabus SLS, you live in a gated mansion, acres from anyone else.)

All the aero add-ons are carbon fibre. They include side vents incorporating backlit blue Brabus lettering, a rear spoiler and diffuser, and an entirely new front bumper arrangement.

That bumper is wind tunnel optimised to reduce lift at the front axle for better high-speed stability.

The suspension is new too, switchable between comfort and sport modes whose characteristics are at either side of the standard SLS; the Brabus is more supple in comfort mode, yet more aggressive in sport. The front can also be lifted by 40mm to avoid speed bump catastrophes.

The interior is a more custom affair, tailored to the specific tastes of the individual customer, but usually swathed in Alcantara, leather and contrasting embroidery. In the case of the press shots it's a tantalising (and surprisingly tasteful) combo of black and red.

No word on prices yet, nor when the tweaks to the 6.2-litre 570hp V8 will be complete. We're hoping to see the beast for ourselves at the Paris Motor Show next month.

Published on August 27, 2010
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