Next-gen MINI Cooper interior revealed

Next-gen MINI Cooper interior revealed Next-gen MINI Cooper interior revealed Next-gen MINI Cooper interior revealed
Simplified digital interior harks back to the original Mini.

The next-generation MINI Cooper will make its debut later this year at the 2023 Munich motor show. We now have a first look at its all-new interior design, which draws inspiration from the original 1959 Mini while adding a modern twist.

OLED screen for better image quality

The MINI Aceman concept car previewed many elements that will feature in the next MINI's interior. The central circular display takes centre stage in the cabin and MINI chose to employ OLED technology for the touchscreen, offering sharper images and superior colour contrast, particularly in black. This choice also results in a sleek, thin bezel surrounding the screen.

The central display in the next MINI will encompass all essential information, including driving data, much like the original Mini. A head-up display unit complements the setup. The chunky new steering wheel shares switchgear with BMW models, its parent company. However, what stands out is the unique third spoke on the steering wheel, crafted from fabric, adding a pleasing decorative touch. MINI has made a commitment to employ more sustainable materials for its cars and has already announced the exclusion of leather and chrome in its future cabins.

A new dashboard design

The dashboard of the next MINI adopts a fresh look and layout, featuring a shelf-like design covered in a fabric knit material that looks far more interesting than the typical upholstery. What's more, MINI introduces ambient lighting that projects onto the surface of the dashboard from behind the OLED screen. These designs and colours adapt according to the selected driving mode, enhancing the overall driving experience. Moreover, on the passenger side, there's an air vent bar accompanied by a glovebox below.

As MINI is in the midst of transitioning to exclusively automatic transmissions, the need for a traditional gear shifter between the front seats has been eliminated in the new Cooper. Instead, a small toggle switch has been placed on the panel below the OLED screen, paying homage to its predecessor. This section also incorporates other functions such as the parking brake, the 'Experiences' selector for adjusting drive modes, and the start button. With the removal of the conventional shifter, there is now additional space between the front seats and around the base of the centre console, too.

Further details of the new MINI will be unveiled in the coming weeks before it gets its world debut at the Munich motor show this coming September. First deliveries begin in Ireland in early 2024.


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Published on July 19, 2023