Renault commits to its EV future

Renault commits to its EV future Renault commits to its EV future Renault commits to its EV future Renault commits to its EV future Renault commits to its EV future Renault commits to its EV future
Renault announces Green Grants and new hybrid models for eco-conscious customers.

Renault Ireland has committed its future to electric vehicles (EVs) by providing up to €2 million in Green Grants to help customers move to cleaner, lower-emission cars next year. The announcement comes just as the E-Tech hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models of the Clio, Captur and Megane Sport Tourer ranges all appear on Irish order books - and as Renault celebrates becoming the top seller of EVs in the country.

€60m finance from Renault Bank

As well as the new E-Tech HEVs and PHEVs, there's also obviously the pure EV Zoe for Renault customers in the country to buy. So, on top of the SEAI grant, Renault Ireland will offer a €1,000 Green Grant towards a new HEV, PHEV or EV, as well as 2.11 per cent APR on hire purchase (HP) and the option to defer finance payments by three months. The company has also made €60m in finance available through its own bank, for people who might want to make the switch from internal combustion engines.

Patrick Magee, country operations director for Renault Group Ireland, said: "Despite whatever happens with Government grant funding for electric vehicles for 2021, we are serious about providing our own grant through our €1,000 Green Grant offer and our bank has committed to €60m to finance cars from our electrified range. We have to push this along and reduce the older car park in this country, and move towards getting more hybrids and fully electric vehicles on the road and helping to reduce CO2 levels."

E-Tech hybrids arrives

Renault's new E-Tech branding for hybrid vehicles should help. All of the Clio E-Tech HEV, as well as the Captur E-Tech and Megane E-Tech PHEVs, feature a 1.6-litre petrol engine, two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack. In the case of the 140hp Clio HEV, this is only a 1.2kWh unit, hence why it can only do 2km on electric power alone - but for the Captur and Megane PHEVs, the battery is increased to 9.8kWh, resulting in a 50km all-electric range on both E-Techs. A fancy F1-inspired clutchless gearbox and 'B Mode' regenerative braking assist the electrified drivetrains, while a TFT Driver Information Display, Easy Link Navigation and unique exterior/interior badging are all hallmarks of the E-Tech range.

The Clio E-Tech HEV emits 98g/km of CO2 and will start from €24,995 (2021 pricing) in Dynamique specification, with first deliveries commencing in October. The Captur E-Tech PHEV and the Megane E-Tech PHEV should both be available in 2021, their 30g/km CO2 figure meaning they will start from €29,695 for a Captur E-Tech S Edition (pending SEAI grant confirmation) and €29,990 for a Megane E-Tech Iconic (also pending SEAI grant confirmation).

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Published on November 10, 2020