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Hyundai gets ready to update the Kona

Hyundai gets ready to update the Kona
Hyundai gets ready to update the Kona
Hyundai gets ready to update the Kona

Sharper front-end styling for Hyundai's big-selling crossover.

Hyundai is going to reveal a Kona refresh this year, ahead of 2021 sales in Ireland.

Shark-like nose

The biggest changes that we know about so far are all on the exterior, and you can kinda-sorta see from these sketches. The Kona's front-end styling will be smoothed out a little compared to the current model, with sharper nose treatment that takes on the wide, shark-like (well, basking shark anyway) styling from the Hyundai i10, the new i20 and the incoming new Santa Fe.

New styling language

Hyundai says that it's all part of the general roll-out of the 'Sensuous Sportiness global design identity' and that the Kona shown in the sketches is the N-Line model, making this the first time that the Kona has been given Hyundai's sporty-styling makeover.

N-Brand entry point

To go with the N-Line makeover, the Kona will be more aerodynamic, with low-set air intakes, a more aggressive front bumper design and some interesting aero-style fins on the corners. Hyundai reckons that "The N-Line model offers an attractive entry point to the N-Brand and expands Kona's appeal to a broader range of customers."

No word yet on how the restyle will carry over to the snub-nosed Kona Electric, but given that Hyundai's other EV, the Ioniq hatchback, has been given a recent front-end makeover, we'd expect to see the battery-powered Kona being given some similar styling upgrades.

Hyundai says that more details of the new Kona's styling will be revealed in the coming weeks, and we'll give you the details when we have them.

Published on August 26, 2020
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