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Easytrip extends support with Blood Bikes

Easytrip extends support with Blood Bikes

What's the news?

Easytrip, the company that provides electronic parking and toll tags, is extending its support of the Blood Bikes charity. The not-for-profit organisation is made up of volunteers who provide urgent transport of essential medical items such as donate blood, chemotherapy medication, breast milk and human tissue, between hospitals and medical centres.

By supporting Blood Bikes, Easytrip covers the cost of tolls when Blood Bikes are in use, and the tags reduce the time spent queuing at toll plazas. The Blood Bikes operate around the clock 365 days a year and are ridden by volunteers who give up their time to do so.

Fergus Lennon, a spokesperson for Blood Bikes Leinster, says: "Since we first started working with easytrip we have improved our delivery time by up to 45%. This means that our time sensitive and lifesaving deliveries are made quicker, which impacts positively on the patients who need the vital medical supplies we delivery. We are not exempt for toll charges like other emergency services and we need to rely 100% on the support of public and private donations.  The support from easytrip has been invaluable as it has not only supported the charity financially but most importantly saved valuable travel time. We look forward to working with easytrip for the next two years."

At the announcement of the renewal, Colin Delaney, CEO of Easytrip Ireland, said: "We are honoured to continue our support of Blood Bikes for the next two years as they continue their crucial role of safeguarding the well-being of patients. We regularly receive updates from the Blood Bikes team on how they are performing, and to date, the impact of our partnership has been a very positive one - for example, it has cut their average journey times by 40 minutes."

Anything else?

In addition to offering parking and toll tag solutions, Easytrip provides services that include breakdown assistance and puncture protection cover.

Published on May 27, 2019
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