ALD Automotive acquires LeasePlan

ALD Automotive, a global fleet management and mobility company, has completed the acquisition of LeasePlan, one of the world's largest and most influential leasing and fleet management companies. The acquisition, first announced in February 2023, is valued at €4.8 billion.

The combined company will have a total fleet of 3.3 million vehicles, making it the largest fleet management company in the world with one of the largest electric vehicle fleets too.

The acquisition will allow ALD Automotive to offer its customers a comprehensive range of fleet management and mobility solutions. The company will also be able to leverage the strengths of both companies to improve its efficiency and profitability.

In a statement, Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD Automotive, said: "The acquisition of LeasePlan is a major milestone for ALD Automotive. It will allow us to offer our customers a wider range of fleet management and mobility solutions, and it will strengthen our position as a global leader in the industry."

Albertsen also said that the acquisition would create a "unique platform" for the company to "lead the way to net zero and further shape the digital transformation of the industry."

The acquisition of LeasePlan is a significant coup for ALD Automotive. The company has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the acquisition will help it continue to expand in the future. The acquisition will also help ALD Automotive to become a more sustainable company, as it will have a larger fleet of electric vehicles.

Local management changes

In addition to the acquisition, the new group ALD Automotive | LeasePlan has announced several local management changes. In Ireland, Sharon O'Buachalla has been appointed Country Managing Director. O'Buachalla has been with LeasePlan for over ten years and is attributed with playing a vital role in the company's success in Ireland. In Ireland, only LeasePlan will become part of the new group. In compliance with the commitments made to the European Commission, ALD's Irish subsidiary is in the process of being sold to Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance.  

O'Buachalla is said to be an experienced and respected leader in the fleet management industry. She is passionate about sustainability and innovation and is committed to helping ALD Automotive | LeasePlan grow and succeed in Ireland.

The appointment of O'Buachalla is seen as a sign of ALD Automotive | LeasePlan's commitment to Ireland. The company is investing in the Irish market, and it is confident that O'Buachalla will help it grow and succeed.

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Published on May 28, 2023