Ireland's most romantic roads named

Ireland's most romantic roads named
John Lambert

Published on February 13, 2012

Ever wondered how many of the country's roads have Valentine related names?  TomTom has revealed where they are.

Valentine's day is just a few hours away and TomTom has named Ireland's most popular romantic road names.  The results come from the company's map database, searching for street names containing the words; Darling, Rose, Love, Heart, Sweet and Valentine.

County Cork has the most roads (by length) with names suitable for a Valentine's drive.  At 7.09km it has over three times as many as second placed Kilkenny.  In tenth place West Meath there is just one third of a kilometre of love-themed roads.

The most popular themed road name is Rose Hill, with 3.42km.  Couples wanting to drive or walk down Love Lane have a total of 2.82km of road to choose from across the country.  There are also 1.61km of Lovers Lane and just under a kilometre of Lovers Walk.

The full top ten of romantic roads is:

1. Rose Hill (3.42km)
2. Love Lane (2.82km)
3. Rose Lawn (1.74km)
4. Lovers Lane (1.61km)
5. White Heart Lane (1.17km)
6. Lovers Walk (0.96km)
7. Rose Park (0.66km)
8. Rose Hill West (0.64km)
9. Rose Cottage (0.63km)
10. Rose Court (0.54km)