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News in brief - Feb 7, 2012

Published on: February 7, 2012
Published on: February 7, 2012

News in brief - Feb 7, 2012

Let's catch up on the rest of yesterday's news first. The most interesting titbit was the revealing of one of Nissan's stars at the Geneva Motor Show. Called the Invitation, this concept clearly paves the way for a new production model and that'd be the replacement for the Note compact MPV.

It's a cracking looking car by all accounts, and we'd be hopeful that much of the Invitation's look will be carried through to the showroom in 2013. In some ways it's closer in style to a conventional five-door hatchback, though we'd expect plenty of versatility inside. Sorry to disappoint all those drivers of the four-door Nissan Almera out there waiting for a true replacement, but we don't think we'll see a 'shatchback'...

Kyle did wonder that, if Nissan persists with the stationery-naming convention, whether we'll see a Nissan Memo or even the Nissan RSVP in the near future.

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Rumours from the rest of the world suggest that Mercedes-Benz will launch a 'baby' SLS AMG sports car later this year to compete with the Porsche 911, while Audi's next generation R8 supercar could take on the likes of the mighty Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren MP4-12C.

Back in the (just about) here and now, Kia has released the first photograph of its (misleadingly named) Track'ster concept car. It's making a debut at the Chicago Auto Show rather than Geneva, as the company is giving its rather more important new cee'd model an airing in Switzerland.

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It's precisely a week to Valentine's Day so expect plenty of cheesy press releases over the next few days as various companies fight for exposure. One such item dropped into my inbox this morning from GEM Motoring Assist in the UK, entitled 'Spare a little love for your car this Valentine's Day'. The theme is obvious, but the organisation has at least spruced it up by comparing car care to treats you may give your loved one. Here's an excerpt:

  • A spa treatment - give your vehicle a jolly good wash
  • Champagne cocktails - well at least fill the washer bottle with some extra screen wash
  • A gourmet meal - top up your engine with some ‘posh engine oil’
  • Balloons - check you’ve got the right amount of air in your tyres
  • A big hug - Keep all your family ‘safe and snug’ by checking your seatbelts are worn on every journey
  • Red rose / perfume - place a lovely air freshener in your car to make it a more inviting space to spend time!

Final piece for now is MINI's confirmation that it'll be in the WRC for a long time. That's great news for the sport, though purists still lament the loss of the Paddy Hopkirk era Mini Cooper. Oddly, MINI's works team will be based out of Portugal. Here's the new livery:

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