2012 Irish Car of the Year voting

2012 Irish Car of the Year voting

Published on November 17, 2011

Today the 2012 Continental Irish Car of the Year will be announced at the Convention Centre in Dublin. As mentioned elsewhere, the shortlist is as follows (in alphabetical order):

Ford C-MAX
Ford Focus
Honda CR-Z
Hyundai i40
Kia Picanto
Kia Rio
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé
Mercedes-Benz SLK
Peugeot 508
Range Rover Evoque

I have the privilege of having a vote and though all members of the Irish Motoring Writers Association (IMWA) have the right to vote in private I think it's no harm being open about it. Campbell Spray and I wrote about this in last weekend's Sunday Independent and here's how I personally voted:

  1. Range Rover Evoque
  2. Kia Rio
  3. Ford Focus
  4. Hyundai i40
  5. Peugeot 508
  6. Kia Picanto
  7. Ford C-Max
  8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé
  9. Mercedes-Benz SLK
  10. Honda CR-Z

This year's shortlist is probably the most varied we've ever had and though there are a few favourites, I wouldn't fancy betting high on any car in particular. Watch this space for the full results later today.