New York Auto Show sneak preview

New York Auto Show sneak preview

Published on April 20, 2011

It's getting a bit late to write up all the news from today's New York Auto Show, so here's a sneak preview before we do that tomorrow:

Above is the all-new Jaguar XFR. The whole XF range gets the new nose and other updates. The XJ and XK have also been updated and there's a mighty new XKR-S model.

Here's the new Honda Civic Coup?. I know it's the US-only model, but we're reliably informed that the forthcoming European Civic update is closer in ever in style to the American one. We doubt a coup? will be sold in Ireland though, sadly.

Above is the revamped Subaru Impreza. There's a four-door version too, though how similar the European models will be we have yet to see.

Hyundai seems to be reinventing itself design-wise. Above is the US-market Hyundai Accent. No news on sales over here yet, but it looks good, right?