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Even Toyotas need to be serviced...

Even Toyotas need to be serviced...
Published on: May 28, 2020
Published on: May 28, 2020
Toyota Service

Contrary to popular belief, even Toyota's cars need servicing. Here's what the Toyota Care and Service packs are about.

Once, there was a rumour that went around to the effect that a Toyota was so reliable, that you didn't actually need to service it. You just had to show it a photo of a tin of oil every year...

Well, while the 'best built cars in the world' catchphrase perhaps has more basis in fact than many an advertising slogan, the fact is that you do, of course, need to regularly service your Toyota in order to make sure that it's in optimal condition, and as safe on the road as possible. The good news, though, is that Toyota has made that servicing as affordable and hassle-free as possible.

In fact, if you buy any new Toyota passenger car right now, you will receive the added benefit of the Toyota Care Pack as standard. That includes Toyota's three-year warranty and three years' roadside assistance, but it also includes three years' scheduled servicing (or up to 45,000km, whichever comes first) - that's your first three services, fully inclusive and at no charge to you.

At the first 15,000km or one-year service, a trained Toyota technician will replace your car's engine oil and oil filter, and conduct a thorough overall safety check of major systems and components, such as the brakes, steering, lights and tyres. All other under-bonnet fluids will also be checked, and topped up if needs be, and your car will be cleaned and vacuumed with Toyota's compliments. At the end of the service, you'll be given a print-out of your Vehicle Health Check.

At the 30,000km or two-year service, the oil and filter will once again be changed, as will the brake fluid and the pollen filter. Oh, and you'll get the same complimentary wash and vacuum and the print-out of your Vehicle Health Check report once again.

At the 45,000km or three-year service, it'll be an oil and filter change, under-bonnet fluids top-up and a Vehicle Health Check. Plus, of course, the wash and vacuum.

Needless to say, if any parts need replacing, the Toyota technicians will use only genuine Toyota parts, so that you can be confident that any and every component meets the same rigorous quality standards as those fitted to your car when it first left the factory.

Don't forget that the Toyota Care Pack also includes three years' roadside assistance. But surely Toyotas don't break down, you're thinking? Well, that's statistically true, but the roadside assistance means that Toyota has your back in the worst case possible. It also means that you'll be looked after in the event running out of fuel, or if you accidentally put the wrong fuel into your car. Flat tyres and flat batteries are also taken care of and, in the deeply unlikely event that a mechanical malady leaves you stranded, and the issue can't be fixed at the roadside, Toyota will arrange to have your car towed to your nearest Toyota main dealer for repairs.

Now, that's all for new cars, but what if you're buying a used Toyota from a franchised Toyota dealer? Well, there's good news there, too - if you're buying used, you can purchase a two-year Toyota Service Pack. The price is €299 for a petrol-engined Toyota, €349 for a hybrid Toyota, or €399 for a Toyota with a diesel engine.

The packs are completely flexible to meet your mileage and servicing needs, and can potentially improve the second-hand or trade-in value of your Toyota. Any parts needed at service will be covered by a 12-month warranty, and you'll get ten per cent off the cost of any Toyota accessory, and any part that's needed for work not covered by the pack. Want more? Well, how about free puncture repair and free bulb replacement, or a free windscreen wiper replacement at any time during the two years? And a free Vehicle Health Check at any time (say, before heading off on a long drive for a holiday)? Oh, and all of this is protected from any rise in the costs of servicing because you'll have paid up front.

Oh and, yes, owners of used Toyotas on the Service Pack also get the free wash and vacuum at each service. Nice.

Go to toyotaservice.ie for full details.