Volvo EX30
Volvo's new EX30 gets sharp pricing and strong performance to go with its premium badge.
The new EX30 is Volvo’s first compact crossover, and it comes with a choice of batteries (short-range, but cheap, lithium-iron phosphate or pricier, longer-range lithium-ion) and the option of rear-drive or four-wheel drive. The standard rear-drive version is surprisingly quick, while the four-wheel-drive Performance option is just bonkers (0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds). The interior looks and feels great, but it’s cramped in the back. We also have some reservations about the single touchscreen and lack of real buttons.
Volvo EX30 Tech Specs
Model featuredVolvo EX30
Official WLTP range between charges490-600km
Battery details (usable capacity)49kWh lithium-iron phosphate, 69kWh lithium-ion
Electric motor details200kW single-motor, 315kW dual-motor
Fastest recharging rate175kW on DC, up to 22kW on AC
Energy consumption15.7-16.7 kWh per 100km
Maximum power output272-428hp
Maximum torque output343-543Nm
0-100km/h3.6-5.7 seconds
Towing capability1,600kg braked
Kerb weight1,766-1,888kg

Last updated on October 20, 2023
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