Mercedes-Benz EQV
The Mercedes EQV is a big electric, and rather posh, people carrier.
The Mercedes-Benz EQV is both massive (it comes with seats for up to eight people and two wheelbase options) and massively expensive (we're into six figures here, even before you add some options), but it's one of the most compelling electric cars we've yet driven. No, it's not really for private buyers - it's more for eco-friendly airport taxi firms - but it's still great with its high-up driving position, electric side doors and masses of space. Not the longest range around, but it's sufficient and the build quality is excellent. There’s an updated EQV on the way, but it’s more about giving the styling and the interior a makeover than adding any extra electric range.
Mercedes-Benz EQV Tech Specs
Model featuredMercedes-Benz EQV
Official WLTP range between charges343km
Battery details (usable capacity)90kWh lithium-ion
Electric motor details150kW singe motor
Fastest recharging rate110kW on DC
Energy consumption21.1-21.3kWh per 100km
Maximum power output204hp
Maximum torque output366Nm
0-100km/h12.1 seconds
Towing capability
Kerb weight2,635kg

Last updated on October 20, 2023