Lotus Eletre
An electric SUV made by Lotus? You better believe it.
Yes, Lotus - that famed maker of lightweight sports cars and F1 winners - is coming back to Ireland, and this time it’s bringing a massive, heavy, all-electric SUV. Now, how much you feel that the Eletre is a ‘proper’ Lotus may vary, what with it being as hefty as a neutron star and built in China, but hey - at least it’s going to be the most Lotus-y SUV around, and if it sells well, then its success will fund more of the sort of flyweight fun cars that we crave from Lotus.
Lotus Eletre Tech Specs
Model featuredLotus Eletre
Official WLTP range between charges490-600km
Battery details (usable capacity)107kWh lithium-ion
Electric motor details450kW dual-motor, 675kW dual-motor
Fastest recharging rate350kW on DC
Energy consumption21.4 kWh per 100km
Maximum power output603-905hp
Maximum torque output710-985Nm
0-100km/h2.9-4.5 seconds
Towing capability2,250kg braked
Kerb weight2,490-2,640kg

Last updated on October 12, 2023
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