Kia EV9
Set to arrive in 2024, the Kia EV9 could be its most expensive car yet...
If the EV6 didn’t represent a big enough shift in Kia’s brand perception, here comes the expensive, luxurious, long-ranged Kia EV9 to really shake things up. The EV9 not only looks a little bit like the incoming new Volvo EX90 (although the Kia is even more space-age in its appearance), but it will also compete directly with the six-figure Volvo in terms of range and luxury. You’ll be able to choose from a long-range, rear-drive model or a standard range car and a mighty 380hp four-wheel-drive version. You’ll even be able to get one with rear seats that swivel outward to make loading in the kids that much easier. It won’t be cheap by Kia standards, but it will be cheaper than that rival Volvo...
Kia EV9 Tech Specs
Model featuredKia EV9
Official WLTP range between charges562km
Battery details (usable capacity)76.1-99.8kWh lithium-ion
Electric motor details150kW single motor, 283kW dual-motor
Fastest recharging rate210kW on DC, 11kW on AC
Energy consumption18.9kWh/100km
Maximum power output204hp-380hp
Maximum torque output350Nm-600Nm
0-100km/h5.3-8.2 seconds
Towing capability2,500kg braked
Kerb weight2,625kg

Last updated on December 14, 2023
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