Dacia Jogger Hybrid Extreme (2023) review
Dacia Jogger Extreme gets fetching look with improved grip.
Dave Humphreys
Dave Humphreys

Published on May 19, 2023

Serving as a genuine alternative to a compact SUV, the Dacia Jogger Hybrid comfortably fits seven seats into a raised estate body style powered by a hybrid powertrain. Now there's a new, range-topping Jogger Extreme specification grade, featuring fresh colours and styling details that tie in with Dacia's outdoorsy image. It's even available with a bed.

In the metal

The Extreme specification grade is available across the Dacia range. All feature similar styling details that make them easy to identify, including a new Cedar Green exterior paint option. Complementing that new hue are numerous exterior details finished in Copper Brown. These elements include the door mirrors, wheel centre caps on the 17-inch black alloy wheels, bumper inserts and the Dacia wordmark logo on the rear. Decals on the front wing and along the sills feature a topographical design that carries over into the rubberised floor mats inside, too.

There are more unique 'Extreme' additions for the interior. Dacia introduces a new fabric material called MicroCloud, which feels like velvet to the touch and is supposed to be hard-wearing and easy to clean, leaning into that more outdoors-friendly image the brand is curating. This material covers part of the dashboard fascia and door panels, and appears throughout the seats' centre sections. The brand's latest logo is also embossed into the seats.

Materials and upholstery aside, it's the same well-equipped cabin as ever in the Jogger. In front of the driver is a fully digital instrument display giving it a modern look. A central eight-inch touchscreen sits high up on the dash, within easy reach of the driver and closer to their eye line. The infotainment system itself is simple, intuitive to use and capable of smartphone mirroring if you'd rather use some of your favourite apps.

With a long wheelbase comes plenty of rear passenger space, with the second-row seats offering comfortable levels of headroom and kneeroom. The third-row seats are suitable for adults of average height, too. Thanks to a clever bit of roof design, this car is a true seven-seater.

But if you're more about adventure than transporting all of your friends or family around, then you'll like Dacia's new accessory for the Jogger called the Sleep Pack. Weighing 50kg and costing between €1,499 and €1,590 (depending on local markets and whether you opt to get it installed at the factory or by a local dealer), it slots into the rear of the Jogger. It can accommodate 220 litres of storage and folds over the tumbled rear seats to create a sleeping area for two people leaving 60cm of headroom. Furthermore, the car can be kitted out with blackout blinds for the windows and an outdoor tent that attaches to the rear, creating one large open space.

Driving it

The Dacia Jogger Hybrid Extreme uses a 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine paired with a 36kW electric motor and a compact 1.2kWh battery. Similar to other hybrids, the Jogger moves away from rest under electric power and covers brief distances at slower speeds before the combustion engine activates. Transitioning between the two motors is reasonably smooth so long as you aren't pinning the accelerator pedal to the floor. Approach driving the Jogger with a more reserved mindset and, in urban settings at least, it will spend a decent amount of time operating without the petrol engine running at all.

However, you aren't limited to the confines of urban or city life with the Jogger Hybrid Extreme, and on the more open road it cruises along quite comfortably. Dacia's decision not to fit huge alloy wheels contributes to a moderately softer ride, soaking up bumps well. There's a small amount of lean in the corners, nothing that ever becomes an issue, and overall the driving experience is reasonably pleasant. The automatic gearbox performs better than the CVT-style (continuously variable transmission) systems fitted to some hybrids that tend to allow the engine to rev more highly and delay responsiveness.

The Extreme specification also includes Dacia's 'Extended Grip' feature as standard. Although only the Duster can be fitted with a proper all-wheel-drive transmission, Extended Grip alters the function of the ESP (stability control) and ASR (traction control) to allow the wheels to spin more freely to gain more grip on loose surfaces. It's a similar setup to what Peugeot has offered on models in the past and requires no additional hardware. Drivers can activate it via a button on the centre console.

What you get for your money

Other than adding the Extended Grip feature, the equipment in the Dacia Jogger Extreme includes the new interior upholstery with MicroCloud grey fabric and Copper Brown detailing throughout the car. You also get air conditioning, keyless entry, cruise control and heated front seats. The Jogger Hybrid also includes a digital instrument display accompanied by an eight-inch touchscreen on this model.

One point to note is that the Jogger Hybrid does not come with a spare wheel due to the placement of the hybrid battery; Dacia provides a tyre inflation kit in its place.


The Extreme specification adds plenty of visual appeal to the seven-seat Dacia Jogger. That new green colour looks fantastic, and it works well with the Copper Brown detailing throughout, even if the gloss black wheels aren't the easiest to keep looking their best. As family cars go, the Jogger remains highly versatile, well-priced and very practical, all complemented by the hybrid powertrain.


Tech Specs

Model testedDacia Jogger Hybrid Extreme
Irish price€32,640 as tested; Jogger starts at €25,040
Hybrid system1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, 36kW electric motor and 1.2kWh lithium-ion battery
Transmissionsix-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
Body stylefive-door, seven-seat estate
CO2 emissions111g/km
Irish motor tax€190
Fuel economy58.8mpg (4.8 litres/100km)
0-100km/h10.1 seconds
Top speed167km/h
Max power140hp
Max torque144Nm (petrol engine); 205Nm (electric motor)
Boot space212 litres (seats up); 699 litres (third-row seats down); 2,085 litres (all seats down)
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