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Rimac returns with 1,888hp C_Two

Rimac returns with 1,888hp C_Two
Rimac returns with 1,888hp C_Two
Rimac returns with 1,888hp C_Two

This insane electric hypercar from Croatian firm Rimac is the 1.4MW, 2,300Nm, carbon-built C_Two.

If you remember the inaugural electric supercar from Croatian outfit Rimac, called the Concept One, then this news should be exciting to you: Rimac is back, with a monster second EV called the C_Two.

Greased lightning

Rimac will unveil the C_Two at the Salon Privé in London in September, where crowds will no doubt be stunned to learn that this thing generates a colossal 1.4MW of power. Sizing that down to kW, that's 1,400... or 1,406kW, to be precise which equates to 1,888hp. In a carbon-fibre bodied and shelled machine, performance is simply ridiculous - 0-100km/h takes around 1.85 seconds, while 0-160km/h comes up in just 4.3 seconds. This, says Rimac, makes it the 'fastest accelerating hypercar' ever built and one of the most technologically advanced, too.

Torque of the town

Founder Mate Rimac and his team have managed to install a 120kWh battery pack into the C_Two, with 'exceptional' thermal management ensuring that astonishing electric drivetrain is kept cool. The Rimac's top speed is 412km/h, where permissible, and it requires bespoke tyres to channel all of its 1,888hp to the tarmac. Rimac's All-Wheel Torque Vectoring (R-AWTV) controls four electric motors, one on each wheel, and it has to deal with 2,300Nm, on top of that enormous power output.

Cutting-edge know-how

Rimac doesn't just build its own insane electric hypercars from time to time, but is also proud to develop full technology solutions for other manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Automobili Pininfarina, Koenigsegg, Porsche and many more. Both Porsche AG and Hyundai Motor Group have also become minority shareholders of Rimac in the past two years.

David Bagley, co-founder and sales director of Rimac, said: "What Mate and his team have achieved in such a relatively short period of time is simply extraordinary. Not content with designing, engineering and building their own amazing hypercars, they have become technological partners and OEM suppliers to some of the world's oldest and most prestigious automotive brands which is an incredible achievement in itself. Having first met Mate at Villa d'Este when the company and Concept One were newly-launched, on a personal level, it's thrilling to see the company where it is now, leading the world in EV technology systems."

First deliveries in 2020

Prototypes of the C_Two are now in production, with first customer cars expected to be delivered in 2020. Mate Rimac added: "We are very excited to be back at Salon Privé, celebrating automotive history and bringing a taste of the future. In 2012, Rimac Concept One - the world's first all-electric supercar - made its debut at Salon Privé [and that] seems light years away. This time around, we will join with our new generation, the Rimac C_Two - the fastest-accelerating, most exciting and most technologically advanced hypercar ever built."

Published on July 30, 2019
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