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Audi offering savings of up to €4,500 in 191 sale event

Audi offering savings of up to €4,500 in 191 sale event

Equipment upgrade packs available on key Audi models.

What's the news?

Audi is offering free equipment upgrade packs to 191-registration buyers, which are worth up to €4,500 depending on the model you're buying.

Available up to February 28th, the 191 sales event includes an A4 Style Pack, worth that magic €4,500 figure, which includes metallic paint, ambient lighting, heated front sports seats, comfort armrest and front parking sensors. The Audi A4 Style Pack also comes complete with 18-inch alloy wheels on SE models and 19-inch alloys on the S line.

Fancy a Q2 crossover instead? Well, good news; there's a Convenience Pack upgrade for that, worth €2,600, which comes with a panoramic sunroof, LED interior lighting, front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera.

Oh, and if you fancy an automatic gearbox, have a ring-around, as some Audi dealers are offering a free auto upgrade on selected models.

While the upgrade packs are available on familiar, existing models, Audi's also having something of a new-car blizzard for 191.

There's the new A1 hatchback (which allegedly steals some styling cues from the classic Quattro rally car); the new Q3 SUV; the e-tron (Audi's first all-electric model with a 400km+ driving range); a limited-edition model of the Q5 SUV with a new 163hp diesel engine; and the rather lovely A6, which launched last year but which is, effectively, a 191 model for most people.

All of that can be bought on Audi PCP finance packages with interest rates starting from 2.9 per cent for the Q5 and A6.

Published on January 24, 2019
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