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Ford’s Robutt simulates post-gym wear and tear

Published on: January 9, 2019
Ford’s Robutt simulates post-gym wear and tear
Ford’s Robutt simulates post-gym wear and tear
Ford’s Robutt simulates post-gym wear and tear

What's the news?

Technology to simulate sweaty buttocks; now, there's a thought, eh? However, Ford actually has such a thing and it's called (no joking, here) the Robutt.

Ford has had this robotic backside in its test repertoire for some months now, where it can bounce up and down, or swivel on manufacturer's car seats, simulating a decade's worth of 'dry' wear and tear in the space of three days.

Now, however, in January - when we're all pledging to go to the gym, take an exercise class or get togged up in our running/cycling gear to get fit for the new year - Ford has added a sweaty bit of realism to Robutt, replicating those times when you might have gone to the gym and then just simply not had the time to take a shower before getting back into your car (eeeeeewww!).

Robutt has been configured to the dimensions of a large man (!) and it is heated to 36 degrees Centigrade, while simultaneously it has been soaked in 450mm of water. It then bounces and twists in the seat 7,500 times in three days, putting the Ford chair through the most, er... intense of workouts to see if the fabrics and structure could withstand ten years' worth of abuse from some non-showering, 24/7 gym fanatic.

"Cars are a part of our everyday lives, and at this time of year in particular, so is exercise," said Florian Rohwer, development engineer, Body and Chassis Labs, Ford of Europe. "The 'Robutt' is a great way to check our seats will look good for years to come."

Introduced for the Fiesta in 2018, Robutt will now go through its sweat-sodden paces in all Ford vehicles rolled out in Europe forthwith.

Anything else?

If you really, really want to, then you can watch a video of Robutt in action, right here.

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