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New toll charges on East Link Bridge

Published on: August 12, 2017
New toll charges on East Link Bridge

What's the news?

Following the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling, Revenue has advised Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) that VAT should not be applied to tolls levied by TII, it being a state agency.

Due to this ruling, as of Friday 18 August 2017 there will be a lower toll charge for crossing the Tom Clarke Toll Bridge, better known as the East Link Bridge, in Dublin.

There is a slight reduction for cars, which previously had to pay €1.75 for each trip across, to €1.40.

Vans and buses will see the toll come down to €2.10.

For larger commercial vehicles the new toll cost will be €2.85 for two-axle vehicles, €3.50 for three-axle vehicles, and €4.25 for four-axle vehicles.

Anything else?

While this is good news to motorists that use the East Link Bridge daily, it is unlikely that the busier West Link Bridge will see any reduction in costs. VAT is not paid on the M50 toll or Dublin-Port Tunnel.

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