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New Toyota Celica takes shape

New Toyota Celica takes shape

Toyota brought along the FT-86 II concept to Geneva.

What is it?

Toyota's FT-86 is a concept car, but it's also a forerunner to a rear-wheel drive coupé that's due on sale next year. What's more, it's the spiritual successor to the Celica, which was last seen in 2006.

Why's it here?

A similar concept was unveiled by Toyota at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 and the FT-86 II marks a further development of that. It's also part of a joint project with Subaru, hence the flat-four 'boxer' engine, which is mounted as far back as possible for optimum weight distribution.

Show stopper or floor filler?

Next to Subaru's similar offering with its clear plastic bodywork, the FT-86 looks a lot more polished and desirable. It has a lot to live up to with the Celica's massive past success, sharp handling and rallying heritage behind it, so more of the same wouldn't go amiss.

Published on March 3, 2011
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