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Sporty Nissan LEAF revealed

Hot on the heels of the Car of the Year announcement, Nissan's LEAF has been given a NISMO makeover.

On one hand, it's fairly obvious that Nissan would do a 'street' version of the electric LEAF, in order to lift its cool factor. On the other hand, a moderately powered electric hatchback is hardly the first port of call for any self-respecting tuner.

But tuned the Nissan LEAF has been, by the masters at NISMO, no less, more famous for very hardcore racing Nissans based on the Skyline, 350Z and Silvia. If you've ever played Gran Turismo, you'll know what Nissan's tuning arm is all about.

The LEAF Aero is NISMO's handiwork, with a little help from its friends at NAPAC (a Japanese aftermarket car parts committee). It will debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January and is one of nine cars Nissan will take there.

Nissan says little of the concept, save for to opine its 'sport EV driving' capabilities. Whether it has got any more than the standard LEAF's 108hp underneath that body kit and those big rims remains to be seen.

Nissan will also take a body kitted Juke to the show, called the Juke Sporty Package. It will showcase some of the sporty accessories soon to become available for the mini-crossover. 

Published on December 23, 2010
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