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Stunning new Porsche racer

Porsche updates the 911 GT3 RSR for 2011 season.

Porsche has unveiled the 2011 911 GT3 RSR. It's not a brand new model but an update for the new racing season, although its six-cylinder boxer engine does swell from 3.8- to 4.0-litres, and power to 450hp. It revs to 9,000rpm, but to make it more driveable, Porsche has made the power peak at just 7,800rpm - not far after the 430Nm of torque peaks, at 7,250rpm.

Aerodynamic changes include more adjustment for the massive rear spoiler and some work under the body. The radiator and cooling piping have been revised for better efficiency as well, which explains the new vents in the bonnet, in case you didn't notice them.

The brakes are 'weight optimised' too.

Other changes? Well, there's a new multi-function display on the dashboard including an optimum gearshift indicator. Not in the pursuit of fuel economy, but performance, obviously.

The unit also allows teams to programme a specific blinking pattern for the lights on the front apron, making the car easy to recognise from the pits during night races. They've even moved the oil refill reservoir to the back for easier access.

The 911 GT3 RSR is available now for €380,000 plus local taxes. Buy one and you'll be part of a very exclusive group: Porsche has made abut 20 911-derived racers so far, including this, the GT3 Cup and the GT3 Cup S.

Published on December 14, 2010
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