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New concept majors on simplicity

Rinspeed goes back to basics with BamBoo concept.

Rinspeed is known for its unconventional concept cars and its latest offering for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show is no exception.  The BamBoo is a light, simple, open, electric four-seater.

In appearance the BamBoo resembles an updated Citroen Mehari - an open, plastic-bodied 2CV variant from the 1970s.  It shares the lightweight, paired back ethos with its open sides and a lack of superfluous features.  Rinspeed apparently wants to evoke images of the beach, the French Riviera and Brigitte Bardot. 

The company insists that this isn't a piece of 'retro' design but that it reinterprets and evolves its influences.  Specifications have not yet been revealed but the BamBoo does come with an on-board electric bicycle and, as befits the name, much of the interior is made from bamboo fibres.

Expect more details to emerge in Geneva. The 2011 show runs from 3 to 13 March.

Published on December 2, 2010
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