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Irish Car of the Year decided today

The 2011 Continental Irish Car of the Year will be announced today at the Convention Centre, Dublin.

The award ceremony for the 2011 Continental Irish Car of the Year takes place today (November 25, 2010) at the Convention Centre in Spencer Dock, Dublin. From an eligible list of nearly 40 cars, ten have made the shortlist.

Voted for by members of the Irish Motoring Writers Association (IMWA), the annual event is split up into several categories, with one overall Car of the Year.

For the 2011 awards, the categories are:

  • Small car
  • Compact family car
  • Family car
  • Luxury car
  • Sports and performance car

Two cars from each category are on the final shortlist, which is made up of the following models (arranged alphabetically):

The results will be announced this afternoon.

The 2010 Irish Car of the Year was the Peugeot 3008.

CompleteCar.ie's advisors, Paddy Comyn and Shane O' Donoghue are both members of the IMWA. If you'd like to know anything about the awards, the voting process or the cars please use the Ask us Anything facility. No registration required.

UPDATE: The Nissan Juke is 2011 Irish Car of the Year. Click here to see the full story.

Published on November 25, 2010
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