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Irish drivers have problems with roundabouts

AA Ireland has just released new figures that indicate the inoffensive roundabout can harbour unforeseen dangers.

The AA motor insurance has just issued the results from a recently conducted survey of 6,800 drivers. It found that 43 percent of Irish motorists have been involved in a collision or a near miss on a roundabout within the last three years.

This survey also revealed that the Irish seem to have a special relationship with roundabouts as Conor Faughnan, the AA's Director of Policy, explained, "Drivers are inexplicably lax when it comes to using their indicators, which makes negotiating multi-lane roundabouts like the Walkinstown and Kinsale Road Roundabouts for example, both with three lanes, particularly daunting. This lack of indication often makes for a 'will he/won't he type guessing game for those trying to enter roundabouts." 

Out of those surveyed involved in a roundabout accident only eight percent admitted to being at fault, with a further 72 percent putting blame on the other driver.  About seven percent said a van or truck driver was culpable and three percent pointed the finger-of-blame firmly towards a motorcyclist.

The AA has also warned that, now the mornings are colder, drivers should take even more care when negotiating roundabouts in icy weather. Its advice is:  "When approaching a roundabout in icy conditions, drivers should reduce their speed and allow plenty of stopping distance as they're far more likely to skid. When joining roundabout traffic, sudden acceleration should be avoided and a slow and steady speed maintained. 
And of course use indicators when exiting."

Published on November 23, 2010
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