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Volkswagen previews electric Up! with taxi study

VW will launch its first production electric vehicles in 2013.

Volkswagen isn't just joining the eco-revolution - it's going one step further by designing the emissions-free public transport of the future.

The manufacturer made the announcement during the unveiling of its Milano Taxi at the Hanover Trade Show.

VW's taxi study is an electric prototype that demonstrates its potential as a zero-emissions public transport vehicle.

It features a compact MPV body and showcases a design that previews the production version of the brand's forthcoming Up! mini car range.

Energy from a lithium-ion battery supplies the Milano Taxi's electric motor, which is integrated under the body with an output of 85kW. A top speed of 75mph and a range of 300 kilometres are possible, thanks to the battery storage capacity of 45 kilowatt-hours and the relatively low weight.

The two-tone car, which bears more than a little resemblance to the VW Samba bus of the 1950s, is tailored to the needs of taxi drivers and passengers. Features include a sliding door that opens forwards and customisable taxi touch-screens.

While the Milano Taxi is still a concept, its suitability and practicality could make it a popular eco-friendly run-around in major cities throughout the globe.

Published on April 19, 2010
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