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Nissan to recall up to 7,000 Irish cars

As part of a massive global recall, Nissan Ireland will contact up to 7,000 owners to carry out a precautionary fix.

Nissan will recall over two million vehicles globally for an ignition problem that may cause the engine to stop running. Up to 7,000 Irish cars could be affected.

A problem has been identified in a relay in the ignition system that could, at the worst, cause the car to stop. However, no accidents have been attributed to this potential fault and Nissan is recalling the cars as a precautionary measure.

The fix will be carried out on a list of cars made between 2003 and 2006. It will apply mainly to some Micra and Note drivers in Ireland, though in other markets it could include the Cube, Tiida saloon and Titan pick-up.

A spokesperson for Nissan Ireland, speaking to CompleteCar.ie today said that there have been only a handful of incidents of the problem occurring and none of them affected the safety of the car. "We are unsure of the exact number of cars with this issue, but we would stress that it is a very minor one and there have been no record of the fault in Ireland. We will be contacting Shannon to find out exact numbers and from here we will contact customers. The fix will take 15 minutes and will be carried out free of charge to customers."

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Published on October 28, 2010
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