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Mazda MX-0 shows future sportscar

Mazda MX-0 shows future sportscar

What the hell is this?

It looks like something for Robin to ride in alongside the Batmobile, but the Mazda MX-0 seems to be the most realistic of the mad concepts to come out of this year's Design Challenge. It's heavily based on an existing MX-5, so low weight and sharp handling are already a given, but the components would be modified and the car would use less of them to get weight down to its lowest possible level.

Any new technology?

There's little mention of powertrains other than the fact that they would be clean. Removing unnecessary components and shaving weight wherever possible is the main thing here.

Could it replace a current model?

The MX-5. If Mazda really can make an ultra efficient car that weighs less than the MX-5 and handles just as well then we're all for it.

The Mazda MX-0 is one of nine designs competing for honours in the 2010 LA Design Challenge.

Published on October 22, 2010
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