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Honda Air made of vegetables

Buggy-like Honda cruiser takes its inspiration from rollercoasters.

What the hell is this?

Described by Honda as a 'coastal cruiser for the aggressive lifestyle', the Air is an obscure, low-slung, open-top buggy concept, which uses vegetable-based polymer panels for bodywork. The thought of potato skins for side impact protection might deter some, but Honda promises us that it's completely safe.

Any new technology?

Compressed air and a pneumatic regulator system power the vehicle, while turbo vacuums and external air flow help to regenerate the fuel tank and extend the unknown range.

Could it replace a current model?

If it's swift enough, then the Air could potentially replace the Honda CRZ. It certainly has the dynamic looks.

The Honda Air is one of nine designs competing for honours in the 2010 LA Design Challenge.

Published on October 22, 2010
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