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Cadillac Aera goes 1,600km on a fill

Space shuttle-style Cadillac promises a range of 1,600 kilometres between fill-ups.

What the hell is this?

A space-aged 2+2 touring coupé with a range of 1,600 kilometres. The bodywork is described by Cadillac as a 3D lattice and, though it appears spindly, the designers claim that it's just as safe and spacious as a conventional car, as the frame is naturally strong and lightweight.  

Any new technology?

A Pneumatic Drive System (PDS). It has a 10,000 psi composite air storage tank and runs on compressed air. This promises a smooth, silent and very much emissions-free driving experience.

Could it replace a current model?

Tricky one this. The CTS is probably the closest thing to the Aera, but it's still a long way off.

The Cadillac Aera is one of nine designs competing for honours in the 2010 LA Design Challenge.

Published on October 22, 2010
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