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Smart 454 WWT knitted by grannies

Smart will employ grannies to knit its two-seater of the future out of carbon fibre.

What the hell is this?

Looks like a funky - and noticeably more spacious - Smart Fortwo of the future, doesn't it? At first we thought that the German company was living up to its sober stereotype by giving its concept a rather boring name. The 454 refer to the kilogram equivalent to 1,000lb (which is the weight target for the LA Design Challenge entrants) and WWT stands for Weight Watch Technologies. Yawn... But then there's mention of robots that knit like grannies. Read on.

Any new technology?

I think it's best to let Smart's designers explain this one: "Manufactured by incredibly high-tech robots that look as friendly and cuddly as our grandmothers, the Tridion-frame is knit by our 'Smart Granny Robots' (otherwise know as SGRs) out of carbon fibre." I kid you not.

Could it replace a current model?

The Smart Fortwo, obviously.

The Smart 445 WWT is one of nine designs competing for honours in the 2010 LA Design Challenge.

Published on October 22, 2010
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