MG launches new IM brand with L6 saloon

Intelligent Mobility sub-division of MG will focus on EVs such as the L6 saloon.

MG's parent company, SAIC Motor, will launch a new electric sub-brand called Intelligent Mobility at the Geneva motor show next week. To celebrate, the company will show off the new L6 saloon at the event, highlighting the new brand's high-tech offering.

Cutting-edge saloon

Intelligent Mobility (or IM, for short), will sit alongside MG in SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) Motor's stable, offering "new possibilities." And a key part of that will be the L6, which is billed as a premium saloon that takes aim at other electric executive saloons and SUVs, including Tesla.

As well as a premium demeanour, the L6 also promises buyers advanced tech, including driving assistance and connected services, along with "leading-edge" powertrain technology.

According to SAIC, the top-of-the-range L6 will be capable of 0-100km/h in less than three seconds, as well as a range of 800km. A sibling model with a smaller battery will also offer owners the chance to travel more than 600km on a single charge.

The single image we have of the IM L6 shows a clean exterior design with hidden door handles and a smooth roofline, as well as a short tail and a sharp 'sigma' light design. Aerodynamic wheels and sharply styled taillights are expected to complete the look.

Glitzy show launch

The IM brand will be launched alongside the new MG3 hybrid hatchback, which will also be revealed at this year's Geneva show. It's the first time the event, properly known as the Geneva International Motor Show, or GIMS, has returned to Geneva since the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, the show was held in Qatar.

The two cars will go on show at the brand's press conference, slated to take place on the morning of Monday, February 26, but while the MG3 will be launched on the Irish market later this year, the IM models will not go on sale in Ireland until 2025.


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Published on February 21, 2024