Skoda teases new Octavia

Skoda teases new Octavia Skoda teases new Octavia Skoda teases new Octavia Skoda teases new Octavia Skoda teases new Octavia Skoda teases new Octavia
Skoda Octavia gets revised styling.

Skoda is updating the long-serving Octavia, and this should be the last big round of revisions before the all-new, next-generation model arrives with a fully electric version.

Upgraded PHEV?

As with its close cousin, the Volkswagen Golf, the Octavia is getting some styling teaks, software updates, and - very likely - a new plug-in hybrid version, which will have a potential 100km electric range on a full charge of its new battery.

For now, Skoda has showed us a brief video in which we can see the bigger radiator grille flanked by new, more complex-looking headlights. Around the back, the Skoda name is now spelled out in letters to reflect better Skoda's new brand identity (and also appease the Chinese market, where such things are preferred to more abstract badges).

No more diesel RS

That's all we officially know, but given that the Volkswagen Golf - which shares a chassis and engines with the Octavia - has also just been updated, we can draw some inferences from that. Presumably, the Octavia will get the same updates to its plug-in hybrid versions, which will see a bigger battery capacity and the potential for that lengthy 100km electric-only range. It's also possible that the Octavia RS will get the same power upgrade as the Volkswagen Golf GTI, lifting it to 265hp for a final RS fling. We do know already that the diesel-powered RS model will be dropped from the lineup, as we were given a chance to take that for one final test drive late last year.

The basis engine will likely also shadow the Golf, being a 115hp version of the 1.5-litre TSI four-cylinder turbo petrol unit, which probably (but not definitely) means that there will be no more space in the range for the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo. 115hp and 150hp diesels will also be offered.

Software updates

Inside, the Octavia will likely get the same software updates as the Golf, plus a new touchscreen and - hopefully - backlighting for the touch-sensitive stereo volume control (the Octavia never used the Golf's 'slider' controls for heating temperature, those controls are on the touchscreen).

More details and confirmation or rebuttal of all our speculation here will follow in a few weeks when Skoda fully reveals the updated Octavia.


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Published on January 31, 2024