Peugeot extends electric warranty to eight years

The new Peugeot Allure Care warranty covers the battery of the entire vehicle.

Peugeot has given its electric cars a major consumer-friendly boost by launching a new eight-year warranty for them.

The new warranty, called Peugeot Allure Care, is basically an extension of the current eight-year, 160,000km warranty, which covers the battery of the entire vehicle, including the electric motor, charger, powertrain, and the main electrical and mechanical components. Peugeot claims that its the first European brand to offer such comprehensive cover for its models. As with many such long warranties, to keep this one going, you need to get the car serviced on schedule at a Peugeot main dealer, after which the warranty is automatically extended for another two years, or 25,000km up to the maximum.

Peace of mind

Phil York, Marketing and Communication Director at Peugeot, said: "We believe that Peugeot Allure Care will accelerate the adoption of the latest generation of 100 per cent electric Peugeot vehicles by offering customers the peace of mind they need to take the step. This coverage of exceptional breadth is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products."

Two new products that will benefit from that warranty are the fully electric versions of the 408 four-door coupe crossover, the e-408 and the incoming all-new e-5008, which will be revealed for the first time in March. Those will bring the Peugeot passenger electric car lineup to nine, alongside three electric commercials. The company claims to be the leader in European sales of electric vans and quotes a recent study conducted by the YouGov organisation, which ranked Peugeot as the favourite car brand of France for the fifth year in a row.

ChatGPT in the dashboard

As well as a big warranty, Peugeot is also adding big tech to its cars in the form of ChatGPT artificial intelligence. The software will be added to the entire range of its passenger cars and commercial vehicles and will work in the background of the 'OK, Peugeot' voice assistant. According to Peugeot: "Once the OK, Peugeot voice assistant is activated, you simply need to voice your query for ChatGPT to respond in an enriched manner. The generative artificial intelligence can provide answers to specific questions, for example, suggesting landmarks to visit in a city, presenting them, and guiding you there in coordination with the navigation system, but it can also enliven your journey by interacting with occupants, giving free rein to your creativity."

All of this was announced at Peugeot's annual e-Lion press conference, where the company updates us on its latest news and plans for the year ahead. Also announced was a commitment to the 'circular economy' and using more recycled and recyclable materials in its cars. Peugeot says that this plan is based on four 'Rs' - Remanufacture, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle.

The company says that the new e-3008 is already 23 per cent made of recycled materials and is embarking on a joint venture with Galoo, a major European recycling firm, to create a new company called Sustainera Valorauto. This will help to come up with plans and processes for "a complete solution that includes the collection and dismantling of vehicles, the recovery, refurbishment, and marketing of viable parts, and the recycling of materials." Another joint venture has also been set up with Orano, another major recycler, this one focusing specifically on reclaiming and recycling electric car batteries.

Cheaper lease deals

Speaking of batteries, Peugeot aims to make it more affordable for people to buy an electric car, partly driven by the French government's demands to create more affordable deals for EVs. So, Peugeot has created the new Peugeot Customised Lease, which gives you lower leasing rates if you're a lower mileage customer, and has signed up the e-208 for the French government's new €99 per month 'My Electric Lease' scheme, which is trying to help lower-income households onto the electric car ladder. Jérôme Micheron, Product Director at Peugeot, said: "Our models are not only accessible, such as on the Peugeot As You Go Financing solutions, but they are also the most efficient in their segments. For example, the Peugeot E-308 has the lowest electricity consumption in its category."

Finally, Peugeot says that it's also investing in education and has set up a partnership with the famous Born Free Foundation, which works to protect wild species and wild places by engaging, educating and empowering local communities to co-exist with wild animals in Kenya and other countries around the world. Will Travers, co-founder of BORN FREE, said: "The growing human population can lead to increased conflict with wildlife, for example, lions attacking livestock. But with Peugeot's support and commitment, Born Free is deploying effective, innovative strategies such as predator-proof fences, or Bomas, to protect people and cattle, to conserve natural resources, protect wildlife and safeguard local people, helping keep everyone safe."

Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, said: "Today, more than ever, a brand like Peugeot must contribute to a more responsible and sustainable world for future generations. We are on our way to achieving our Carbon Net Zero objective, but there are different ways of getting there. I am convinced that education is one of the keys to a more sustainable world and that's why we want to make our contribution."

The Born Free connection is in addition to Peugeot's existing tie-up with the French scientific and education association Under The Pole, which tries to raise awareness about ocean life preservation and conservation. Peugeot has donated Boxer vans to help with the association's expeditions and educational events.


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Published on January 31, 2024