Five-year warranty for Land Rovers

Today sees the introduction of new five-year warranties for Land Rovers.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has launched a new five-year warranty for its Range Rover, Defender and Discovery models.

In line with Jaguar models

The move brings the Land Rover lineup into lockstep with Jaguar, as all of the leaping-cat models have had five-year warranties as standard since July of last year. The move will potentially convince buyers that Land Rover has at long last gotten on top of its much-publicised reliability and build quality issues.

The new warranty covers all models in the Land Rover and Range Rover lineups across Europe and has a mileage limit of 150,000km. The move includes internet connectivity for the cars' InControl remote systems for the same five years and 150,000km. The InControl smartphone app can be used to check the remaining fuel level and state of charge and to see whether doors and windows are closed or open. InControl Remote also optimises roadside assistance and automatically sends an emergency call if necessary.

Predictable maintenance costs

The move also includes plans for what Land Rover Ireland calls improvements in: "the service experience of clients and owners during the cover period, while also allowing both private users and commercial operators to transparently calculate maintenance and operating costs over a longer period."

Improved residual values

The five-year warranty is expected to see an uptick in the used car values for these models, as the warranty can be transferred to any subsequent owner. If that comes to pass, then there will be a knock-on benefit for new Land Rover buyers, as improved residuals usually make for more competitive finance rates.

Eddie Kavanagh, JLR Ireland Managing Director, says, "With the introduction of a new five-year warranty for JLR across Europe, we further demonstrate our commitment to the quality and reliability of our products and our focus on customer service excellence. Our future vision of modern luxury is entirely customer centric, and this should mean added peace of mind for anyone considering a Range Rover, Defender or Discovery."


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Published on September 1, 2023