Wild new Singer 911 restomod

Wild new Singer 911 restomod Wild new Singer 911 restomod Wild new Singer 911 restomod Wild new Singer 911 restomod Wild new Singer 911 restomod Wild new Singer 911 restomod
Singer's latest 'Dynamics & Lightweighting Study' gets turbo power.

Dammit, Singer! Just when we've surrendered to the idea that we're never going to afford one of your fabulous Porsche restomods (a word that hardly carries the intensity of what's happening here), you go and do this - show off the latest Dynamics & Lightweighting Study (or DLS) Turbo. Now we've got to go and buy a shed-load of Lottery tickets again...

Making classic 911s even better

Yes, this is the latest idea from the frankly brilliant minds at Singer, the people who take classic Porsches and make them even faster, even more desirable, even... better, basically.

This latest DLS Turbo once again takes the 1980s '964' version of the Porsche 911 as its basis but adds some pretty spectacularly wild bodywork.

Two of these new DLS Turbo models have so far been created. The orange one features an amazing race-car style body with a huge integrated (and adjustable) rear wing that's clearly influenced by Porsche's 1970s and 1980s Le Mans and IMSA 911 racers, especially the original RSRs. The aerodynamics are not just suck-and-see either - Singer says it has used Computational Fluid Dynamics (the insanely complex computer simulations that recreate the flow of every air molecule over a car's surface) to create the DLS Turbo's body.

Interchangeable bodies

The road-focused model, finished in 'Moet Blanc' paint, gets a subtler but still hugely muscular body, which uses an aero-optimised rear ducktail spoiler and road-oriented front fascia, which reduce drag.

Can't decide between the two body styles? That's OK! Singer says the parts are designed to be interchangeable, so you can simply unclip the front and rear panels and replace them at your whim.

Power? Oh yes, the DLS Turbo has lots of that. While the engines start life as standard 964 units, Singer has applied its expertise to turbocharging. The 3.8-litre flat-six engine for the DLS models uses twin turbochargers with electric wastegates, air-to-water intercooling and a horizontally mounted, electrically powered fan. The result is 700hp, developed at an ear-splitting 9,000rpm.

Carbon-ceramic brakes

There's a six-speed manual transmission and the option of track-oriented suspension and bespoke dampers with remote adjustment. Braking is by carbon ceramic discs and lightweight, monobloc calipers designed for road and track use. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 or Cup 2R tires are mounted on lightweight 19-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear) forged magnesium centrelock wheels.

Needless to say, this being Singer, you can pick and choose your exterior paint and interior trim as much as you like.

Rob Dickinson, one of Singer's founders, said: "The results of turbocharging our advanced four-valve, high-revving DLS engine have been quite spectacular and combining it with all we have learned about lightweighting and vehicle dynamics has provided the perfect canvas to honour the Type 934/5 and its vital role in the genesis of the 911 as a racing car."

Mazen Fawaz, Chief Executive Officer of Singer, said: "Our Dynamics & Lightweighting Study heralded a new era at Singer and facilitated enormous maturation of our operations in California and the United Kingdom. We've collaborated with some of the most famous names in the automotive world, including Bosch and Michelin as we continue our mission to set ourselves ever higher standards. We will continue to serve our creative and passionate client base with exciting new ideas like DLS Turbo."

How much? Well, Singer says that: "Each restoration is unique. Every owner is able to share their personal preferences and requirements for bespoke engineering as part of the process of working with Singer to personalise their own 911. Prices for Singer's restoration services are dependent on the requests by each car's owner. A limited number of restorations will be commissioned."

We're guessing that means lots. Lots and lots. Gonna need more Lottery tickets. Maybe some Euromillions ones.


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Published on June 28, 2023