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Volkswagen Touareg updated

Volkswagen Touareg updated Volkswagen Touareg updated Volkswagen Touareg updated Volkswagen Touareg updated Volkswagen Touareg updated Volkswagen Touareg updated Volkswagen Touareg updated
New styling and improved suspension for Volkswagen Touareg.

Having teased us last month with some disguised 'spy' shots, Volkswagen has fully revealed the updated Touareg SUV.

On the outside, there are new optional Matrix LED 'IQ.Light' headlamps with a distinctive three-element shape, which are fully adaptive and which you can leave on high-beam all the time at night without dazzling other traffic.

Updated styling

There's also a new radiator grille, which is deeper than before and has a new 'egg-crate' pattern. The front bumper and air intake are also new. At the rear, the brake lights are now linked by a full-width LED bar, and the VW logo also now lights up in red at night - something that actually wasn't legal in Europe until just recently.

The Touareg's suspension has been revised too, and there's a new roof load sensor that can detect when you've packed up a roof rack and which instructs the stability control system to take account of the weight and the change in the centre of gravity.

The flip side is that if the system detects that there's no load on the roof, it can allow the stability control to give you a little more sporting leeway... Depending on the specification, some new Touareg models will also come with active anti-roll systems and rear-wheel steering, making them sharper to drive and easier to manoeuvre in town.

There are new digital displays inside, and Volkswagen says that items such as voice control and high-resolution mapping data have been improved. On a more practical note, the USB connections in the cabin have been uprated from 15 watts to 45 watts, allowing for faster charging of your phone or other devices. The overall level of cabin quality has also been stepped-up - for example, the centre console trims are now softer than before. Volkswagen says this has been done in response to direct customer feedback.

More safety aids

There are also updated digital driver assistance systems available, including Travel Assist, which combines lane keeping and active cruise control for Level 2 assisted driving; Park Assist Plus, which can automatically park the car for you, and which allows you to control it from outside with your mobile phone; Trailer Assist - does what it says on the tin; and Night Vision, which (a) makes you feel like a spy, and (b) can actually spot people and animals further ahead than your headlights at night.

The Touareg will launch with four engine options - two turbodiesels, a plug-in hybrid and a range-topping 462hp Touareg R, which is also a plug-in hybrid. The R gets some extra toys, including blue brake calipers, blue leather accents in the cabin, the 'R' logo projected from the puddle lights in the wing mirrors, 20-inch 'Braga' alloys, a panoramic sunroof and four-zone climate control.

New colour option

Previously, the Touareg R was only available with one unique colour - Lapiz Blue Metallic - but that has now been joined by a second, Silicon Grey Matt.

Irish prices currently start from €106,580 and aren't expected to change much.

Published on May 24, 2023
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