Toyota launches 1.8-litre Corolla Cross

Toyota launches 1.8-litre Corolla Cross Toyota launches 1.8-litre Corolla Cross Toyota launches 1.8-litre Corolla Cross Toyota launches 1.8-litre Corolla Cross Toyota launches 1.8-litre Corolla Cross
Entry-level 1.8 hybrid model joins the 2.0-litre Corolla Cross.

Toyota Ireland has just launched a 1.8-litre hybrid version of the new Corolla Cross, to sit alongside the 2.0-litre model in the line-up as the starting point to the range.

Deliveries in the summer

We don't have prices yet for the 1.8-litre version (although we can pretty safely assume that it'll be cheaper than the €38,910 Toyota asks for the entry-level 2.0-litre model), but you can order one now, and Toyota Ireland is quoting delivery in the summer.

1.8 hybrid has more power now

As with the 2.0-litre version, the Corolla Cross comes with a 10.5-inch touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard that uses Toyota's much-improved infotainment software, and which comes with an optional cloud-based navigation system. It also receives over-the-air software updates, and comes with its own digital voice assistant. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections are also standard. You can also connect the Corolla Cross to your phone, via the MyT app, which allows you access to functions such as driving analytics, car location and even remote-control features such as climate schedule and door locking.

The upgraded 1.8-litre hybrid engine (which is going into the Corolla hatchback, saloon and Touring Sports estate soon too) now develops 140hp and has CO2 emissions of just 112g/km. The 0-100km/h sprint takes 9.9 seconds. The 1.8 gets a simpler rear suspension design than the 2.0-litre, substituting a torsion bar setup in place of the 2.0's multi-link double wishbones, which means there's an extra 46 litres of boot volume.

Practical and stylish

Commenting on the new 1.8-litre hybrid electric version, Zoe Bradley, Head of Marketing Communications and Corporate Affairs in Toyota Ireland, said: "We are excited to announce the expansion of our Corolla Cross family with the addition of a new 1.8-litre hybrid electric powertrain. A truly practical and stylish solution for busy, growing families, the spacious mid-size SUV provides a thoroughly enjoyable, comparatively low-cost driving experience perfect for ferrying the family to school and sports, and on longer holiday trips. Packed with impressive infotainment and safety technology Corolla Cross makes even the most mundane driving trips an absolute pleasure.

"In line with our 'Built for a Better World' brand promise, and our Kaizen (continuous improvement) philosophy, the new Corolla Cross is built on our fifth-generation hybrid technology, meaning even better efficiency and lower emissions. We are confident that Irish motorists who are looking to move away from diesel into a more environmentally sustainable vehicle will take pride in their choice, while of course enjoying the phenomenal driving experience Corolla Cross offers, without compromise."


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Published on January 18, 2023